Meet Jon’ll Boyd- Completely Yours Events & Designs

I had the pleasure to get to know an Around the Way Mom who is on the move in event planning industry. Take a read and learn all about Jon’ll Boyd, creator and owner of Completely Yours Events & Designs, mother, wife, teacher, mentor and more!

Around the Way Mom is pleased to feature another #mompreneur who is blazing her own trail in the world of event planning, teaching, skill development and mentoring.

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Special Feature: Dr. Stephanie Akoumany

You can get a front row seat to see Dr. Stephanie in action working with schools and business professionals as she promotes the message of Bloom in a effort to build a better sense of community within businesses, schools and in communities. She does this through guided workshops and ongoing follow-up to make sure each entity is equipped with the tools they need to carry out their mission along with integrating the pillars of Bloom.

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