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June 2019- Around the Way Mom was a guest on the Mommy Hour Podcast with host Corene Lavhan. We talked about mom shaming and how I have been guilty of doing the very thing(s) that tears us down as Moms.

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Spring 2019- Beauty Redefined: I surveyed people near and far to find out what makes a Mom beautiful. Their answers were different from what I expected and some may surprise you. Read the article in CEOMOM Magazine here:

January 2019- Around the Way Mom was a guest on the Brunch and Slay Podcast with host Ameerah Saine. I talk about my journey with motherhood, wifehood and how I’m balancing it all!

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Holiday 2018- Gratefulness: Tips for Teaching Your Kids How to be Grateful. This article includes practical ways to help your children remember the “why” for saying Thank You. Read the article in CEOMOM Magazine here: 

July 2018- Let’s Get Real: Therapy Is Mom Self Care- Include therapy in your self care plans this summer and for months to come. Read my ideas for how to remove the stigma around mental health supports and how this practice can benefit you as a mom. Resources are included!

April 2018- Are you a real Mom Boss??? In case you don’t think so- think again! Read the latest from Around the Way Mom in CEOMOM Magazine here:

March 2018– Around the Way Mom was a guest on The Engine Mom Podcast sharing more about how to incorporate mom and non-mom friends into your life and much more!

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Special thanks to Maria Alcoke, founder and creator of The Engine Mom for inviting Around the Way Mom as a guest.

January 2018– Around the Way Mom has made it to print!  CEOMOM Magazine has featured the article entitled, “What About Your Friends” in their Winter issue.  Check it out here:  CEOMOM Winter 2018 Issue Krystal Henry

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