Goodbye Summer

You know how you want something to work so much so that you can’t think of the alternative because in your mind there is no alternative? Well that was me. I took a little blow from that, applied some duct tape and kept on moving.

If motherhood came with a manual

There is a how-to book for just about everything except for motherhood. And I haven’t found one that contains tips like these.

The Henry, Jr.’s

After 10 years of being in a successful and happy marriage, we both have some pretty interesting aha moments. Read it!

Happy Momiversary to Me!

While I am celebrating another year of life for the kid (and my Momiversary), I am reflecting on the 6 biggest lessons I’ve been focused on learning as a mom.

Private parts really are private.

My hope is that my thoughts on this topic will spark a healthy and productive dialogue with families as it relates to how we talk about safeguarding our children’s bodies against those who would want to cause them harm.