About Around the Way Mom

Good Morning…Good Afternoon…Good Evening!  Thank you for checking out the site and learning more about me.

My name is Krystal.  I am a 30-something working mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, friend, professional and everything in between.Krystal-27

Growing up my grandmother, Sweetie Pie, use to write down funny things my sister and I said as a way to keep the memories and she would pull out little slips of paper recalling what we said when we were younger.  We would crack up laughing and tell her that she needed to put all of those random pieces of paper in a book or real keepsake but she never did.  Well, Around the Way Mom is an homage to my granny and my way of having a digital keepsake of the funny- and poignant- things my son says and does.  He’s a real character so there is not a shortage of things to write about.

I have a passion for moms to remember Self-Care and how important it is for us. This includes our emotional/mental, financial, physical, social and spiritual health. If we are not well in these areas it will have an impact on our families.

I am from the Prince George’s County area of Maryland and come from a family of strong, hardworking parents who instilled in my sister and I the value of education and family.  I share my life with my husband and 1st grade son Tre in Baltimore.

Thank you for taking time to read Around the Way Mom and be a part of my journey.       –krystal