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About Around the Way Mom- The Blog

What is the blog all about? Let me tell you.

Growing up my grandmother, Sweetie Pie, would write down funny things my sister and I said as a way to keep the memories. She would pull out little slips of paper recalling what we said when we were younger and we loved it. We always told her she needed to put all of those random pieces of paper in a book or real keepsake, but she never did.  Well, Around the Way Mom is an homage to my Granny and my way of having a digital keepsake of my journey through Motherhood.

Inspired by LL Cool J’s song, “Around the Way Girl,” the blog was created in 2016 as my way to share my experiences and connect with other women and moms. Since that time the blog has gained readership throughout the US and Canada, along with more than 20+ countries including the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Germany, China, Hong Kong, Kenya, South Africa and more. It’s international ya’ll!

Blog articles are separated into 2 categories- Around the Way Woman/Partner/Friend/Business and Around the Way Mom/Kid. Before being a Mom; we’re women, partners, friends, and movers and shakers in our business. The blog reflects the many facets of who we are and offers resources to support the journey. Don’t forget about the videos; Mom Chat is a sneak peek into conversations today’s Moms are having about business and career, friendship, and marriage. Thank you for joining me for the journey.