No New Goals in 2018

Here we are in the first few days of a brand new year and my mind has me thinking about each month and what I envision for myself in 2018.  TV and social media started weeks ago getting people prepped to create and stick to their resolutions.  From gyms making the joining fees free, to those saving plans that break down how much to deposit each week in order to save a few thousand dollars- the idea behind it all is to motivate us to set goals and stick to them.  Moms, I know I’m not alone in having tried different ways to ‘stick to a plan’ only to look up in a few months trying to remember what the motivation was in the first place.  I have definitely tried all kinds of new year plans in order to lose weight, save money, read my Bible more, be more patient and spend more quality time with son and husband and a whole lot of other stuff.   As I thought about redoing my vision board for 2018, I had an epiphany- I am NOT setting any new goals this year.  Nope.  Not doing it. 


My Vision Board (2016)

Any potential goals I thought about for 2018 were just a remix of what was on my 2016 vision board or in my head for 2017.  So I decided I am going to keep my same goals and my overall focus is to be consistently consistent.  Too often I think moms get caught up in being so many things for so many people that we forget about ourselves, so it is only fitting that my focus is to be as committed to my plan as I possibly can.  I do know that as soon as I develop an idea in my head and put the plan to paper, there will undoubtedly be obstacles ready to stop me in my tracks.

Remembering why I created the goal has been the hardest part for me.  Not being fearful was a major area of growth for 2016 and 2017.  As the months rolled on with new challenges and chances for me to run and hide, I worked hard to remind myself why I made the goal of not being fearful.  I recited scriptures, sang uplifting songs, prayed and kept telling myself that living in fear was not an option.  Fearful to try new things, fearful of having difficult conversations, fearful of saying no and standing up for myself were all areas of challenge for me.  I will be honest that it was not always easy.  Self-doubt had a way of creeping up and making me forget what I was capable of.  A large motivation for living a fear-free life was so that I could better motivate my son to not be fearful in new situations and be able to speak from a place of how to overcome.  Over the past 2 years I stepped out to start, quit my job, start a new job, strengthen my relationships, be more honest, and take new chances on myself.

Beyonce’ sang it best in Freedom– “…I break chains all by myself, won’t let my freedom rot in hell.  I’ma keep running, cause a winner don’t quit on themselves.”  Now Lemonade was one helluva album and that song gets me pumped every time I hear it and each time that line hits me like a ton of bricks.  How dare I; as the wonderfully awesome mother, wife, friend, mentor, etc. that I am give up on myself?!  Don’t I deserve a fighting chance to see my goals accomplished?  Were they not worth setting?  Am I not worth the effort it takes to see them through?  Hmph.  I do deserve a chance.  My goals are worth my time.  And I am worth the effort.  This is type of conversation I have with myself when I feel like I am slipping from me and forgetting to be consistently consistent and I am able to get myself back on track.

I am excited about 2018 and believe that it will be an awesome year.  I know that it is up to me to stick to the plan and be committed to being consistent.  Moms- I hope you all are as equally excited about the promise a new year will bring and that will take the step to consistently choose to stick to your plan.  Be well.  –krystal

Around the Way Mom

Krystal is a 30-something mother, wife and professional who’s navigating life’s twists and turns all while finding balance in it all! She lives in the DMV with her husband and son.

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