Two truths and maybe a little lie

Think telling the truth is easy? Well, try telling that truth to your kid(s). Hmph. I like the truth and all, but is it always good all of the time?

“My baby is not a baby anymore…”

After talking with other moms I have come to realize this moment happens for us all. But, the funny thing is, I didn’t think it would happen to ME!

Anything but an ordinary day!

Just when I thought I was going to bounce back from an unexpected illness, life (and its many lessons) had another thing for me. Check it out.

Our journey to the #blacksonian

Teaching the kid about our rich culture and heritage is a must. We recently visited the National Museum of African American History and Culture- read about our experience.

The rod or the spoil?

The age old debate continues yet again- does discipline really matter? Read my thoughts and how I interpret it!